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Warren Elementary student’s act of kindness goes a long way

Claire Casler with homemade care packages for those in need.

A small act of kindness can seem very big to the person on the receiving end. Even the simplest acts, like a smile or a few caring words, can have a positive impact. This is something Claire Casler, a fourth-grader at Warren Elementary in the Francis Howell School District, knows well.

In March, after hearing about other students in her school performing acts of kindness, Claire decided she wanted to do something. With her mother’s assistance, Claire began making small care packages containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, tissues and lotion. The care packages were given to fellow students as well as the Cottleville Sharing Shed, a donation-based organization that provides basic household items to those in need in St. Charles County.

“Each was made complete with special hand-written notes with encouraging words,” Julie Yadlosky, a school counselor at Warren, said.

“The other kids in the class seemed really impressed that she was able to come up with the idea and organize all the gift bags,” Claire’s teacher, Cheri Alloway, said. “This is such a great example of generosity and I am glad the class got to hear all about her acts of kindness. She really is a proactive kid!”

While the time and effort to put together the donations may have seemed small to Claire, it’s clear that her care packages had a big impact.

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