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Amazon development could benefit from County Road Board funds

Map of Premier 370 Business Park

St. Charles County taxpayers are expected to get the bill for most of the local road and transportation improvements in the Premier 370 Business Park that will serve new developments, particularly a new Amazon fulfillment center, that are expected to open in 2019.

The St. Peters Board of Aldermen was briefed in March by Bill Benesek, the city’s director of transportation and development services, about two economic development applications presented to the St. Charles County Road Board to obtain money for those improvements.

The Road Board is a citizen advisory board that makes recommendations to the County Council for spending the county’s half-cent sales tax.

The board’s recommendation in favor of using transportation sales tax funding for the improvements is expected to be reviewed by the council in April. If approved, St. Peters will be eligible to receive about $2,787 million for the design and construction of lane and traffic signal improvements along Spencer Road, Lakeside Drive and Premier Parkway.

County funds would amount to $2.24 million or 80 percent of the work’s construction cost. Developer Duke Realty would provide $481,662 or 17 percent, and the city would provide $78,338 or 3 percent of the project’s cost.

The second application presented to the board is for work starting at 4000 Premier Parkway that would provide widening and traffic signal improvements totaling $1.10 million.  If approved, the county will provide $550,000 or 50 percent of the construction cost with Duke Realty providing the balance.

The work is expected to include two entrances built off Premier Parkway – one for workers and one for trucks – and the widening of Premier Parkway to four lanes. Additional work is expected to include five traffic signals and improvements to near Lakeside Drive.

Following council approval and the execution of a separate development agreement with Duke Realty, the improvements are expected to come back to the board for final approval.

Benesek said the improvements are extensive but the site will have a lot of traffic.  The Amazon development is expected to add 1,500 new jobs and plans for parking around the plant show space for 2,500 vehicles.

Premier 370 Business Park will need road improvements not only because of the 493,000-square-foot Fed Ex and 855,000-square-foot Amazon facilities but also because of Grove Collaborative, Inc., which is adding a new fulfillment center at 1000 Premier Parkway and more than 200 jobs. The park now has two regional trucking stations with 160 loading docks and more than one million square feet of warehouse and light industrial facilities.

“We need the road improvements,” said St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano.



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