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O’Fallon moving forward with crosswalk policy

In response to an influx of residents requesting crosswalks, the city of O’Fallon is moving forward with a policy that would establish how and where the city decides to install new crosswalks.

At the City Council’s March 22 work session, senior project manager Tony Friedman provided an outline of a draft policy on city crosswalks. If passed by the city council, the policy would allow residents to make requests for new crosswalks. The policy also would determine the criteria to decide whether a resident’s request should be fulfilled.

In his presentation, Friedman said O’Fallon recently has seen an increase in the number of requests for “marked crosswalks” at city intersections and that the city currently has no official policy on installing new crosswalks.

Under the draft policy, residents will be able to submit a formal petition for a new crosswalk. The petition requires at least 10 signatures from homes within 0.5 miles of the proposed crosswalk location. After receiving the petition, city staff will evaluate the proposed location and collect data related to the request.

According to Friedman, the evaluation process will include comparing the proposed crosswalk location to a set of minimum criteria established in the crosswalk policy. If the location meets all the “minimum requirements” in the policy, a work order will be put in for the installation of a new marked crosswalk at the requested location.

Friedman said city staff plans to draft an ordinance on the crosswalk policy so that the city council can vote on the policy at a later meeting.

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