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Letters to the Editor: April 4

In need of a refresh 

To the Editor:

For those who want Missourians to wake up and elect a second conservative in the U.S. Senate, good luck!

On the budget deficit – good bye Tea Party, hello increase of over $1 trillion in a Republican Congress and president in a strong economy. Free trade has been a Republican policy and is now being challenged and replaced by tariffs. The tax reform law needs time to assemble its assets. Saying it is a success or failure without time and facts is just opinion.

The comparison of the Obama and Trump eras is comparing apples and oranges. One was during a severe recession and the other a bull market and economy. The labeling system of liberals, conservatives, Republican and Democrats needs a refresh!

Pete Noonan

Speaking out for life

To the Editor:

To Sam Fuentes, Edna Chavez, Delaney Tarr, David Hogg and all the leaders of the gun control movement, thank you for speaking out on an issue reflecting your passion. Your youthful voices raised on behalf of life are welcomed and appreciated.

We older Americans laud your enthusiasm, your energy and commitment. You are learning to participate in representative government.

Innocent lives have been snuffed out all over our nation. Ruthless killers have slaughtered many school children in recent years – and let us not forget, 60 million unborn babies have died at the hands of abortionists since 1973.

We know you have the intelligence to put this tragedy into perspective. So, when you attack Planned Parenthood as forcefully as you vilify the NRA, your movement will have credibility. Smart young people won’t waste energy tightening screws on the deck chairs when the huge vessel is going down.

We wish for you maturity in thinking.

Norman Baxter

In support of Article 5

To the Editor:

I have written several letters to the editor before, all lamenting the ridiculous ability of the federal government to exist on an infinite money supply, which in the end creates inflation, however conveniently masked by the government, and widens the gap between the average citizen and the wealthy bankers.

I am hearing today that the president will sign the latest omnibus spending bill, which passed the House and Senate, underscoring the fact that neither party is interested in having a federal government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Both parties only are interested in maintaining power and are out of control.

There is a possible way to force the government to stop spending taxpayer money without our approval and to curb the overreach of the federal government. It will not come through the process of elections as we are never able to elect enough honest people who, when united, can produce the change responsible citizens desire. Even if we could, the result would be temporary, as the next elected Congress, Senate and president could simply revert back to the status quo.

Our Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, placed Article 5 in the constitution whereby the states could unite to address grievances with the federal government, by amending the constitution. I am joining that effort and I encourage all Americans everywhere to do the same.

There are two organizations that currently exist who are pursuing this effort. The first is seeking a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, which would force the government to spend only what it takes in, in taxes. The second is petitioning the states to exercise Article 5 to place fiscal restrictions on the government. The balanced budget people [bba4usa.org] have 28 of the necessary 34 states already in line to call the convention under Article 5. Only six more are needed. The fiscal restraint people [conventionofstates.com] have 18 states in line, requiring 16 more states to agree.

I encourage all Americans out there, if you care about liberty, and are tired of politics, to join one of these organizations and get involved. Donating to political parties and individuals is a waste of your money. Trying to effect change through elections is an endless black hole where our limited resources are trying to compete with an institution that has an infinite supply of money.

It is time to exercise our liberties and rights that the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, placed in the constitution. Expect a fight. The powers that be will do their best to block any such effort. If we unite, we have the ability to make a difference. Who is with me?

Jeffrey Waller

In regard to Random Thoughts 

To the Editor:

I love this new addition to a much enjoyed publication! The concept of drawing questions out of a “bowl of 200” is so refreshing. Yes, our community, and every other community, has a lot of really interesting people and I look forward to hearing about all of them through your column for years to come. Thank you for “thinking outside the box” with style and class.

Jean Piskulic

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