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St. Charles County Council says ‘no’ to calls for larger trucks on Missouri roads

St. Charles County leaders have signed a resolution voicing concern over calls to increase the size of trucks on Missouri highways. [Shutterstock.com]

The St. Charles County Council doesn’t want larger trucks that could damage roads and bridges and pose more safety risks for motorists on Missouri roads.

The council approved a resolution to that effect by a 6-0 vote at its March 26 meeting. Councilman Joe Cronin [District 1], one of three co-sponsors of the resolution, was absent.  The other co-sponsors are councilmen David Hammond [District 4] and Terry Hollander [District 5].

The resolution opposes any legislation that seeks to increase truck size and weight “beyond the capacity of Missouri’s infrastructure, which would ultimately damage roads and bridges while increasing risks to motorists.”

Hammond said there has been federal legislation discussed calling for increasing the size and weight of trucks on highways.

“I’d just as soon take a stance and let them know were opposed to this,” Hammond said before the vote. “At least, I am. I’ve had a lot of close calls with big trucks traveling our highways, and I don’t think we’d want them any bigger or heavier than they are now.”

The resolution states that the council is concerned about resident safety and the condition of the state’s infrastructure in regard to efforts discussed on both the state and federal levels to increase the size and weight of tractor trailers beyond the capacity of existing roads and bridges.

Longer and heavier tractor-trailers also would increase and expedite deterioration of municipal roads and bridges placing “a further burden on local taxpayers.”

The resolution adds that investment in the state’s infrastructure hasn’t kept up with increasing traffic. The state has the seventh largest road network while only ranking 47th in per-mile funding nationwide.

The resolution also notes that the United States Department of Transportation identified significant increases in crash rate associated with longer and heavier trucks in recent studies.

The resolution joins others from around the state in opposing bigger and heavier trucks on state roads. It is being sent to state legislators and congressional representatives.

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