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Dardenne Prairie moves closer to major improvements along Hanley Road

A contract for engineering services for major road improvements that will transform a portion of Hanley Road north of Feise Road got an OK from the Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen.

By a 4-0 vote at its March 21 meeting, the board approved the city entering into a contract with HR Green Inc. for engineering services associated with reconstructing Hanley Road. Aldermen John Gotway [Ward 3] and David Wandling [Ward 2] were absent.

The contract is one step a project involving reconstructing and widening Hanley Road from its intersection with Feise Road to about 100 feet north of its intersection with Pleasant Meadow Drive, a distance of about 2,250 feet.

The improvements will include repaving and pavement widening to provide left-turn lanes at Feise Road, Barrington Lake Drive and Pleasant Meadow Drive. Other planned improvements include a new sidewalk on both sides of Hanley, modifications to storm sewers, new curbs and curb cuts, and upgrading of an existing traffic signal at Feise Road to include a pedestrian crossing and, possibly, new retaining walls.

The city received federal transportation funding through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the area planning agency, and from the St. Charles County Road Board, which oversees funding from the county’s half-cent transportation sales tax.

The federal reimbursement funding for the project will cover up to 40 percent or up to $750,440 of the actual cost of improvements, which is expected to be about $1.87 million. County transportation sale tax funding will cover about 50 percent of the project. The city’s portion is estimated at 10 percent or about $187,610.

Mayor Dave Zucker told the board that the city was able to cut back on some aspects of the project, including a proposed roundabout and a bicycle lane, to lower project costs. He said right-of-way acquisition may begin in 2018 with construction in 2019 and completion by early 2020.

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