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Letters to the Editor: March 21

A plot against Jefferson

To the Editor: 

The St. Louis Gateway Arch National Park, formerly the Jefferson National Expansion memorial, recently had its name changed by Congress, sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt, Sen. Claire McCaskill, Rep. Lacy Clay, Rep. Ann Wagner and Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, and signed into law by the president. [“Gateway Arch becomes national park,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, March 7].

The reasons given to the press may not be the true reasons for the name change. It smells of yet another attack on the name and personage of Thomas Jefferson.

The St. Louis History Museum is another example. Since its inception, it’s been known as the Jefferson Memorial Museum, but recently changed its name by eliminating “Jefferson,” which still can be seen etched in cement on the building’s facade, but erased to the degree possible.

It gives cause to wonder what the future holds in store for us, regarding the memory of our Founding Fathers, because they were mostly slave owners. I suggest that we stop and think. Were it not for them and the things they accomplished in their time and place, during which human bondage was as common as eating and sleeping, few of us, of any race, would today have been born.

Is the Washington Monument on the list of things to go? Mt. Rushmore? And let’s not forget Abraham Lincoln who was a white supremacist as well. Locally, Grant’s Farm originally was built with slave labor.

Can we anticipate our “progressive” government someday apologizing to England for the Revolutionary War because its colonial, rebellious leaders were mostly slave owners? I’ve heard it said that the biggest mistake a historian can make is to judge the past by modern standards. Obviously, that rule does not apply to Congress.

Bob Arnold

Concerned about HB 1936

To the Editor: 

In the wake of more school shootings, I know many of us feel helpless. To add salt to an already raw wound, I was recently made aware of HB 1936. I was horrified by this bill that would force public colleges to allow anyone to carry concealed guns on campus.

On Feb. 26, I attended the Missouri House General Laws Committee hearing for this bill, and I heard testimony from representatives for the city of St. Louis police, public transportation, the American Federation of Teachers and the Missouri National Education Association, along with the head of the University of Central Missouri campus security, the executive director of the Community College Association, and countless civilians, all opposing this bill. Stunningly, it passed.

As a mother of a child who will be attending UMKC in the fall, it hits too close to home. My son is now terrified this bill will become law. Students don’t want this, so why are we forcing it on them? College campuses are already rife with stress, alcohol, recreational drug use and suicide. Let’s not add loaded weapons into the fray.

Additionally, HB 1936 calls for allowing guns in daycare centers, bars, casinos, hospitals and on private property even if the owner does not want guns on-site.

This is a dangerous and irresponsible piece of legislation. The bill is set to be heard next in the House Rules Committee. If you, too, are a concerned citizen, call your representative and oppose HB 1936.

Heather Andrew

Political dishonesty

To the Editor: 

I heard this morning, March 12, that Claire McCaskill has not filed for re-election yet. That fact has not dissuaded her from airing her first campaign ad against Josh Hawley. I didn’t catch the entire TV ad , but I did hear that McCaskill is “for tax cuts that help the middle class.”

Apparently, she was for tax cuts before she was against them, and is now once again for them.

Readers should check out the Washington Post fact checker article that reviewed “our” senator’s comments on the tax bill – “that the Republican tax reform law will not benefit the majority of people in the long run.” The Post gave it two Pinocchio’s, meaning the claim contained “significant omissions and/or exaggerations.”

Come on, Claire, you can’t have it both ways. You voted for and would not repeal an economy-killer like Obamacare, a bill that taxed everything in sight, and would not vote for a bill to put money back in people’s pockets, claiming the age-old Democratic class warfare slogan that it only helped the rich and created debt?

Where were you during Obama’s eight years and $10 trillion of debt? Apparently spending ourselves into oblivion is OK, but allowing us to spend our money is not the liberal way. Happy to say that the facts are against you on it only helping the rich.

I trust Missourians will wake up and give us a second conservative in the U.S. Senate this fall.

Jon Schulte

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