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St. Charles County Assessor reminds citizens to declare personal property

As required by state law, the St. Charles County assessor will mail approximately 46,000 personal property assessment forms for 2018 by March 20 to taxpayers who failed to respond to the initial January mailing. Forms were due by March 1. Late filing penalties will be applied on May 1.

Individual personal property owners can file their assessment online. The e-filing website and unique secure access code for the individual personal property owner’s account is printed on the form. The e-filing link also is available through the assessor’s website, sccmo.org/assessor. When filing online, taxpayers receive automatic confirmation that their form was received. Residents who mailed their form can verify receipt on the assessor’s website through the personal property assessment confirmation database by entering in their address information.

Residents who have questions or did not receive a form to declare their personal property may contact the Personal Property Department at (636) 949-7420 or 1-800-822-4012, ext. 7420. The assessor’s website includes both individual and business personal property forms.

“The Assessor’s Office is ready to help if residents have any questions about filing online or personal property in general,” County Assessor Scott Shipman said.

Taxpayers who do not file a personal property assessment each year find themselves at the assessor’s office during the end-of-the-year rush, mainly for three reasons:

• New residents are not familiar with the personal property declaration requirement.

• Residents did not receive a tax bill because their personal property declaration form was not returned to the assessor.

• Residents experience difficulties renewing or registering license plates due to incorrect information reported on their personal property declaration.

By state law, personal property assessments must be filed with the assessor every year.

“Completion of the form assures a fair and equitable distribution of the tax burden,” Shipman said. “The tax rate for everyone in the county is impacted when citizens do not declare their personal property.”

Forms filed by May 1 provide the opportunity to appeal the value, if necessary.

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