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Letters to the Editor: March 7

Honoring those who served

To the Editor:

Regarding your article “Fifty years later: The TET Offensive remembered,” for all of the brothers in arms, thanks for remembering.

Joe McCarthy

Vietnam veteran


Empty words of politicians

To the Editor:

Paraphrasing an earlier show-biz celebrity who became POTUS [President Ronald Reagan]: “There you go again, Donald.” To which I would add, “Once again, it’s all about you isn’t it, Trump?”

In the simplistic Twitter world of Donald Trump, Parkland is not about the slaughter and terror inflicted on innocent high school students; nor the easy availability of military-style guns, magazines and bullets on a scale never seen anywhere else in the world; nor a need for better leadership and coordination between local, state and federal authorities to head-off such tragedies. It’s not even about the Second Amendment. Sadly, all of that is on a continuum dating back to Columbine and Sandy Hook.

To Trump, it isn’t about that continuum nor the kids in Florida. It’s all about getting the FBI off his back – he actually says the FBI did not effectively prevent Parkland because of FBI preoccupation with the Russian collusion investigation.

This time, however, Trump may have gone too far. The angry high school kids of Parkland, Florida, know this isn’t about Trump, it’s about them and the classmates they will never see again.

Columbine was a first and the children of Newtown/Sandy Hook were too young to step up for themselves but these Florida kids are different. Too many heard the sound of bullets whizzing past them and slamming into someone else. They now realize the reality of Columbine and Sandy Hook, and they are telling us they are outraged and that the empty words of disconnected politicians are not going to cut it this time.

A whole lot of their counterparts in schools across America are echoing that message.

Bill Howard

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