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Lake Saint Louis steps closer to developing trail network along Peruque Creek

Lake Saint Louis is one step closer to developing public access to a 36-acre landlocked tract in the western part of the city that could become its next public park. That access also could become a stepping stone to developing a trail network along Peruque Creek that might lead to St. Charles County’s Quail Ridge Park.

But the details – such as how much those plans will cost, when improvements will be built and how the city will pay for it all – still have to be determined.

The Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen approved an ordinance at its Feb. 5 meeting accepting the dedication of an easement in the Wyndstone subdivision to be used for park or recreation purposes. The board also authorized the city to record a deed of the dedication, conveying the property to the city from McBride Duello LLC.  The vote was 5-0 with Alderman Gary Turner [Ward 3] absent.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said the city is contracting with Bax Engineering to develop a trail access for a possible park.

The city, its aldermen and McBride & Son have entered into a voluntary annexation agreement on 104 acres near Hwy. K, east of Duello Road. That agreement allows the property to be developed under city guidance. It also allows access to the parkland, which was donated to the city by 2 Rivers Church but is been surrounded by private property.

McBride agreed to provide a parking lot and restroom facility at the border of its Wyndstone subdivision and the city’s now-isolated park property.

The easement dedicated by McBride Duello LLC may provide clear passage for a trail to the park property. Markworth said the city wants to develop the landlocked 36-acre tract as a “passive park” that features walking trails. The so-called “no-name” park property abuts other areas along a creek that leads to areas along Peruque Creek, which flows into the main community lake.

Markworth said the city would work closely with the Lake Saint Louis Community Association to come to an agreement that would allow public access to property under the association’s control. The association controls private amenities in the lakeside community and property along the creek.

A trail network also could conceivably link the mainly wooded, undeveloped land along the creek to the county’s Quail Ridge Park, which also has frontage on the creek, Markworth said. But developing the trail and park will take time. Developing a concept plan, preliminary design and construction will go into next year.

“It will be 2019 before people will walk on the property,” Markworth said.


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