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Classical education with superior results

The Classical Academy de Lafayette [CAL] – which celebrated its grand opening in fall 2017 – is a private school whose mission is to develop the academic potential and virtuous character of each student through a rigorous, content-rich, classical liberal arts program.

At CAL, children learn from the greatest minds in western history such as Shakespeare, Socrates, Mozart and Michelangelo. Led by exceptional teachers, students study the traditional subjects while also learning cultural literacy, ethics and good behavior.

“After having been in education for 20-plus years, I knew there was something missing from education,” Head of School Katy McKinney said. “I felt we could do more for our youth. Classical education was the answer I sought and decided this is what our city needed!”

Katy realized she was the woman for the job. “In September 2016, I sat in my car in a library parking lot thinking, ‘Okay, I have this idea. Who is going to join me?’ Person by person, we assembled a fabulous, top-notch board with exceptional experience.”

Katy believes the classical education model gives students a well-trained mind, which is the best way to prepare students to become exceptional, contributing American citizens.

After just a few months of being open, the school has already received positive feedback and expects to grow quickly, adding additional grades each year.

CAL is now enrolling students in pre-K through eighth grade for the 2018-2019 school year. For a visit or to learn more, call the school’s administrative assistant, Jessica, at (314) 609-3391 or email jessica@cadlafayette.com.

79 Hubble Drive, Suite 110 


(636) 222-3442 


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