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A unique system for developing strong bones and muscles

Owner Mike Baue coaches an OsteoStrong member

Strong bones and muscles are the pillars on which OsteoStrong is built. Using advanced technology, its professionals help you improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing all people have in common: a skeletal system. OsteoStrong sessions are proven to work for people of all ages and levels of activity, impacting the entire body using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick, painless and the results are measurable and happen quickly!

“With your own strength and power, you exert force on the machines. You trigger your body’s natural adaptive response to grow bone and muscle tissue, dramatically increasing strength. There are no supplements, no drugs and it’s not a gym; it’s just you and the machine,” Mike Baue, owner of OsteoStrong O’Fallon, explained. “There’s nothing that you can do with 10 minutes of your time to impact your overall health and wellness like you can do at OsteoStrong.”

Mike said the 10-minute, once-a-week sessions are brief, but have a lasting impact. Results range from increased energy and strength; to better posture, agility and balance; to unleashed speed and power for athletes; to relief from arthritis, joint and back pain, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and Type 2 Diabetes.

Members at OsteoStrong O’Fallon range from 13-85 years old, each with their own personalized plan.

OsteoStrong O’Fallon opened in October 2017 and is now the fastest-growing location in the world.

Call Mike Baue today for two free sessions to see and experience the power of OsteoStrong first-hand!

44 Crossroads Plaza


(636) 238-8696


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