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Hand-crafted, home-cooked meals for busy people

Left to right: Jeff Whitfield, Tamara Whitfield, Carson Burks, Jim Mauer, Kristen Nepute and Justin Nepute [Photo credit: Pearl Wilson, photographer]

The Dinner Bell has perfected the art of providing fresh, mouthwatering, ready-to-cook meals that customers can assemble on site or take as To Go meals to cook at home.

The business, which opened in July 2017, is led by four dedicated owners and managers – Tamara Whitfield, Justin Nepute, Jim Mauer and Executive Chef Carson Burks.

The recipes, groceries, planning, prep work and clean-up are taken care of by The Dinner Bell; the fun part – assembling the recipes – is left to the customers! With ingredients laid out along with step-by-step instructions, the recipes take minimal time to make.

“Customers can make a month’s worth of dinner entrees in an hour to an hour and a half,” Tamara said.

The Dinner Bell is a convenient option for a busy individual; it can be a fun, family activity; or it can be a social event by bringing a bottle of wine and meal prepping with friends!

Chef Carson plans 14 new menu items monthly. His recipes include beef, chicken, pork and turkey dishes, seafood and vegetarian options, and even breakfast and desserts.

Some of The Dinner Bell’s most popular items include: Steak Stroganoff, Chicken Spiedini with zesty tomato sauce, American Bison Chili and Ratatouille.

The Dinner Bell is less expensive and offers more menu choices than a subscription home-delivery food service.

The Dinner Bell makes life less hectic by minimizing the errands, time and effort it takes to put dinner on the table each night.

To book a meal prepping session or to request To Go meals prepared by the chef, head to The Dinner Bell’s website or give them a call.

475 Miralago Shore Drive


(636) 387-7377


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