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Treat yourself to radiant, healthy skin

Cara Luter

Cara Luter, aesthetician and skincare specialist, brings more than 22 years of experience to her practice, Cara Luter – Earth Angel Elite Spa and Salon in Cottleville.

“For most people, when you say ‘I’m an aesthetician,’ they have no idea what that means,” Cara said, explaining that she is licensed to perform both invasive and non-invasive treatments targeted at the health and beautification of skin. She specializes in facials, microderm abrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning and facial waxing – keeping her clients looking youthful and glowing.

“When you have an aesthetician look at your skin, you have a trained, fine eye that can recommend the right treatments and deliver results,” Cara explained. “I sit down with clients, we do an assessment and, from there, I’ll assign a profile for them. Maybe they’re just coming in for a few treatments or some people want to come every couple of weeks.”

Cara focuses on the specific skincare goals of her clients and tailors her services to their exact wishes. Not only do treatments leave clients’ skin healthy and radiant, but they also can be therapeutic and stress-relieving – a quiet hiatus from everyday life.

“In society, most of the time people don’t just sit down and take a breath,” Cara said. “They can put everything else out of their mind, have silent time if they need it, or talk if they need to vent. We’re like therapists in some ways.”

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