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Timberland High students win top awards

Five students from Timberland High in the Wentzville School District won top awards at the Missouri Youth and Government [YAG] Convention held in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Senior Connor Niles was awarded Outstanding Statesperson for the House of Representatives based on his well thought-out speeches and his ability to speak strongly both for and against bills, as well as for asking informed questions.

Connor Niles at the YAG Convention

“I felt really good knowing I was one of only four people out of over 130 to receive the award,” Niles said. “It was awesome that I worked so hard and it was actually noticed.”

Timberland students have participated in the program for the past three years. The program is designed to give students hands-on experience in government through the legislative, judicial and executive branches, as well as an understanding of the role of media in a democracy.

Freshmen Clayton Herbst, Morgan Timpe and Abbey McCallum had their bills debated in the Novice House. Timpe was awarded Most Debatable Bill for her bill concerning transgender rights and McCallum was awarded Outstanding Statesperson.

Senior Sammie Lammert, and her broadcast media team of three students from other Missouri schools, earned Most Artistically Assembled Story for a piece about the hidden talents of the delegates at the YAG Convention. Senior Ana Lindgren served as the producer for the broadcast media program.

Ida Hoffmann, a YAG alumna and journalism teacher at Timberland High, served as the adviser for the delegation. She also serves as the YAG Media Program Coordinator.

YAG is a YMCA-sponsored program based on the motto, “democracy must be learned by each generation.” It involves around 1,200 Missouri students in grades 8-12. The students emulate the roles of house representatives, senators and lobbyists, as well as fill the roles of reporters, lawyers, judges and members of the executive branch. This year marked the 69th annual convention.

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