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Child Center, Inc. acquires second facility dog

Facility dog Oakley [left] joins Reka as the newest member of the Child Center, Inc. team, providing comfort to children facing the trauma of abuse.

The Child Center, Inc. has announced the arrival of its newest facility dog, Oakley, who will provide comfort and support to children who must recount details of abuse.

Oakley joins Reka, who was featured in the June 21 issue of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. Oakley is a 3-year-old black Labrador. Reka is a 4-year-old brown Labrador. Both dogs are trained to provide comfort during forensic interviews to both children and caregivers.

The Child Center, Inc. provides child and family advocacy, and therapeutic services for child victims of sexual and physical abuse.

“The presence of Oakley during a forensic interview is a source of comfort to a child when they are sharing a traumatic experience to a perfect stranger.,” explained Cammie Maue, Oakley’s handler.

Maue is a forensic interviewer with The Child Center, Inc., who trained with Oakley for several weeks to become his handler. Oakley lives with Maue. “With the addition of Oakley, our agency can now offer comfort to the child and the caregiver simultaneously, and allow them to be with the child during the entire court process if needed.”

Champ Assistance Dogs, a nonprofit organization that places skilled facility dogs with professionals who utilize their dogs’ special skills in healthcare facilities, courthouses, and children’s advocacy centers, trained Oakley.

Readers can follow Oakley on Instagram at @oakley.cac and friend him on Facebook by searching for Oakley Maue to learn more about being a facility dog. Reka can be followed on Instagram at @reka.cac and by searching Reka Robbins on Facebook.

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