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Viviano’s Festa Italiano makes holiday entertaining easier

Michael Viviano fills a cannoli, a favorite item on holiday catering platters.

The holidays have arrived. A joyful time that also is filled with stress for hosts, especially those who are short on time. Thankfully, Michael Viviano and his Festa Italiano team have a solution.

“Let us help. Our team is looking forward to doing everything they possibly can do to bring something wonderful to your holiday events, family gatherings and parties this season,” said Michael. “We have a wonderful, wonderful menu from which everyone will be able choose something that’s perfect. And we have a variety of catering options.”

Those catering options are built on Viviano’s Festa Italiano renowned Italian delicatessen menu of soups, sandwiches, pastas and salads. The catering menu expands on the concept with the addition of an impressive entrée selection that includes Italian classics such as Chicken Piccata and Lasagna as well as American favorites such as beef tenderloin and barbecue ribs. Take a closer look at the menu and you’ll discover gourmet-inspired entrées created by Viviano’s chefs and overseen by Michael’s wife, Beth. Among those exceptional dishes are the Port wine-sauced pork tenderloin, antipasto platters and Frittatas. That’s right – Frittatas, Stratas and breakfast Panini are among Viviano’s collection of breakfast items, a menu collection that takes the catered corporate breakfast beyond the donut tray.

As always, Viviano’s goal is to make it easy. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, customers can choose from a variety of catering options. Pick from sandwich platters for pick-up to delivered box lunches to full service catered dinners featuring sumptuous buffets or plated dinners. No matter the style or party, Viviano’s has the holidays covered – and that includes cookies for Santa. For the record, Santa’s preferred Viviano’s cookie is the Delizioso, a decadent chocolate peanut butter cookie.

“We bake all our own cookies and desserts. And we make our own cannoli filling, which we custom fill into cannoli shells supplied by Vitale’s’ Bakery,” Michael said. “I used to help make the cannoli years ago when I worked at Vitale’s Bakery.”

Cannolis are available in two sizes, regular or mini, an excellent addition to any holiday cookie tray! Hand-filled with a sweetened Ricotta cheese filling, they’re irresistible. Now through the holidays, customers also can indulge in pumpkin cannoli.

“We were one of the first to sell pumpkin cannoli and they continue to be a big hit,” Michael said. “Last year, between October and December, we sold over 3,000.”

During the holiday season, many home cooks and foodies like to assemble their own party trays. No problem. Viviano’s can make that easy as well. Remember, this is an Italian deli with one of the largest collections of imported and domestic meats, cheeses, sauces and olives in the area.

“We bring in some of the most unique pastas that you can’t find in major stores. And we pride ourselves in bringing in some of the best specialty products out of Italy and different parts of the world,” said Michael. “At Christmas, you’ll want to try the Panettone and Tiramisu cakes. And don’t forget the olive salad.

“We always have olive salad but, at Christmas, it’s a big seller. Our two biggest days for olive salad in the whole year are Dec. 22 and 23, when we’ve gone through as much as eight 30-gallon buckets!”

With or without the olive salad, filling holiday plates and trays that bring smiles to customers’ faces is exactly what Viviano’s Festa Italiano wants to do.

“We give it our all because we want everyone to have the best experience when they come in,” said Michael. “We want people to leave smiling because that’s what it’s all about. And we want them to know that they can count on our catering to make their life a little easier!”

Viviano’s Festa Italiano – Chesterfield • 150 Four Seasons Plaza • Chesterfield • vivianosmarket.com • (314) 878-1474 • Hours: 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Thursday; 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday-Saturday; closed, Sunday
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