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Francis Howell North student named to U.S. Army All-American Band

Gateway Army ROTC picks Dominic Schneider from Francis Howell High as a United States Army All American Bowl Band member. [Photo courtesy of Gateway Battalion Army ROTC’s Facebook page]

Dominic Schneider, a senior at Francis Howell North, will take part in the upcoming U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 6, an event where the best high school football players in the nation square off against each other. But Schneider won’t be playing on the field; he’ll be playing in the band.

Schneider is a member of the Francis Howell Band and now a member of the U.S. Army All-American Band, which is comprised of 150 of the best marching band members in the nation.

The U.S. Army scours the country to find the best musicians; Army Staff Sgt. China Lee is responsible for searching the Midwest specifically. According to Lee, Schneider was selected from a pool of thousands due to his representation of Army values.

“We found Dominic to have those leadership abilities that we really do look for – to not only stand out in school but also in the community,” Lee said. “Dominic has definitely shown that he wants to stand up and do more than the regular student.”

Schneider got his musical start in seventh grade by playing the tuba.

“It was just the need for it, I guess,” Schneider said. “Not a lot of people want to play such a big instrument. It’s the base of the music, the low voice that every band really needs.”

His band teacher, Rob Stegeman, said, “I think Dominic is an easy choice for this. He’s one of those kids who’s constantly pushing himself to be the absolute best, and he’s meticulous in his practice. He’s been taking private lessons for a very long time, and so he’s very focused on his goals as a musician as well. He always shows up prepared and is always giving his best.”

Schneider is grateful to represent Francis Howell North and the state of Missouri at the All-American Bowl, and credits his parents and his lesson instructor, Paul Ahlemeyer, for the opportunity.

“Playing with really great musicians will be a fantastic experience,” Schneider said. “It will just be an honor.”

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