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East-West Gateway board allots $48 million for St. Charles County

The East-West Gateway Council of Governments [EWGCG] has approved $48 million in St. Charles County transportation projects over the next three years. The projects include roadway improvements along a dangerous section of Hwy. 61 north of Wentzville and a new interchange on Hwy. 364 near Cottleville.

The EWGCG is the St. Louis region’s council of governments that has a major role in deciding how state and federal transportation funding is spent and how road improvements are planned.  The council’s Board of Directors includes the chief elected officials in the region, including County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

“I voted to fund all of these projects because they are absolutely necessary for safety and for growth,” Ehlmann states in a county government news release. “It is estimated that our county will reach a population of more than 439,000 by 2020.  We need to make certain the transportation infrastructure is in place to meet that increase.”

The $48 million comes from federal, state and local dollars. The money will be broken down into three uses: $20 million for operations and safety, $19 million for preservation and maintenance and $9 million for improving congestion.

Key projects include:

  • Hwy. 61 at Route P and Peine Road: Construction has begun on a $10.9 million project to remove the Route P and Peine Road crossovers and replace them with a new interchange serving both roads. Additionally, the project will convert the crossovers at Grothe Road and both Granville Drives to right in/right out intersections and extend merge and turn lanes. This is a joint project with the Missouri Department of Transportation [MoDOT], St. Charles County and the city of Wentzville.  The area has been a location of serious traffic accidents.
  • Route W from I-70 to Hwy. 61: Shoulder and safety improvements will take place in 2018 for this 5.7 mile stretch of Route W.  Cost is approximately $2.8 million.
  • Missouri Route 364 and Gutermuth: A new interchange is slated for construction in 2020. Adding this third interchange to the approximately 5-mile stretch between Mid Rivers Mall Drive and Route K is expected to reduce congestion at 364/Mid Rivers and 364/Hwy. K. Cost of the project is estimated at $9 million. St. Charles County will contribute $4.5 million from county sales taxes,  $1.5 million will come from federal gas taxes and the MoDOT will contribute $3 million.
  • Route N at Route Z:  More than $2 million is allotted for construction to upgrade the congested intersection. Construction will begin in 2021.



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