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Francis Howell Students Raise Thousands for Hurricane Victims

After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated parts of the southern United States, Francis Howell School District [FHSD] students and staff stepped up to help, raising thousands of dollars for disaster relief efforts.

Students and staff from Becky-David Elementary, Central Elementary and Francis Howell High all joined in the effort to help their fellow Americans.

Along with building character traits such as empathy and caring, FHSD educators also used the increased interest in weather phenomena as a teachable moment, showing how current events and weather can impact communities.

At Becky-David, fundraising ideas included a hat day and pajama day for students and jeans days for faculty. Those fundraisers yielded more than $5,000. Through a spirit shirt day and silly socks fundraiser at Central Elementary, students and staff raised more than $800. Francis Howell High’s soccer program contributed to the cause by raising over $450, and its Catholics in Action club currently is collecting money. The two programs will make a collective donation to the Red Cross when they are finished.

“Tragedies and disasters such as these offer a learning opportunity, allowing us to put life in perspective, to understand that we may have our own struggles, but that others may be dealing with much greater issues,” a district press statement said.

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