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Francis Howell, Castlio Elementary earn partnership awards

Students and families at Castlio Elementary’s Suess and STEM Night, courtesy of FHSD

Francis Howell School District has been selected for a 2017 Partnership District Award by the National Network of Partnership Schools [NNPS] at Johns Hopkins University.

Francis Howell earned recognition for making excellent progress in developing community partnerships and for guiding schools to develop goal-linked programs of family and community engagement.

This is the fourth NNPS Partnership Award for the district, demonstrating that Francis Howell is establishing a sustainable structure to enable schools to continually improve their partnership programs.

Castlio Elementary’s program of school, family and community partnerships earned a 2017 Partnership School Award from NNPS. It’s the second NNPS Partnership Award for Castlio and an excellent indication of the school’s commitment to developing a strong program of family and community engagement.

“We are very excited about our two NNPS awards for our Seuss and STEM, as well as our Fine Arts Night,” said Dr. Bridgett Niedringhaus, principal. “Both events focused on engaging our families in fun learning activities provided by our school community, as well as partnerships developed with surrounding community businesses. Or, in the words of one of our students, ‘My mom even had fun!’”

NNPS believes that Francis Howell is emerging as a national leader on partnership program development. Community engagement activities from the District, Castlio Elementary, Independence Elementary and Francis Howell Middle School are included in the new book of Promising Partnership Practices 2017.

“Francis Howell is applying research-based approaches to help schools become welcoming places that engage parents and the community in ways that improve student attendance, behavior, achievement, health, graduation rates, postsecondary plans and other outcomes,” NNPS Director Joyce Epstein said.

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