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What it takes to drain the swamp

To the Editor:

I tune out the media on both side these days. All of the political debate from news stations and fake news outlets is pointless and a waste of time. In my opinion, any intelligent person will do the same.

I see no hope in any of President Trump’s activities. They are temporary at best. The next administration will issue its own executive orders altering or completely reversing what is being signed into law currently. In addition, executive orders are really the methods of dictators [on both sides of the political spectrum], which at best blur the boundaries between the executive and legislative branches of government. So much for checks and balances.

Fox News’ content and debate is completely pointless also. The analysts and supposed experts are talking about empty topics like healthcare, tax reform, etc. I wish they would stop wasting everyone’s time.

No one makes the salient point that all of these programs are paid from the discretionary side of the federal budget, which is all paid for by increasing the federal debt. Once we pay for the non-discretionary spending [e.g. entitlements] and pay the interest on the current debt, there is not one red cent left over to run any government office or program. So, why should any intelligent person think that a government shutdown or reduction in spending of any kind is a solution? Why would any intelligent person think that we can reduce taxes yet keep the entitlements in place?

The only solution, which I could celebrate, is if we as a country change our Constitution to eliminate the federal government’s ability to generate its own currency through future debt, and demand that our government exist on a balanced budget from the concurrent collection of taxes, the level of which is to be approved by the taxpayers. That would make the government address the real problem of entitlements and it would eliminate a whole host of side effects that plague our country. It would have to be done via the Constitution, or future administrations could simply reverse the process.

Think of what would happen then. Finally, politicians could no longer hide. They could no longer make campaign promises, spend taxpayer money without approval or create programs without approval of the tax base. The government would have to shrink, and the corrupting influence of creating wealth out of thin air would disappear. More importantly, no one’s political agenda could be forced onto the populace.

Until such happens, I celebrate nothing, because no progress is being made. Nothing of any lasting value is accomplished, and the government continues to be out of control.

The only true way to drain the swamp is to disconnect the government from its unending cash supply, which is being generated at the cost of future generations. There are no other options. Until we do this in our Constitution, we are simply pretending.

Jeff Waller

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