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Francis Howell Board approves activity fees

The Francis Howell Board of Education has approved the recommendation of the Extracurricular Task Force to establish an activity fee structure for the 2017-18 school year.

Students participating in a sport, activity or club in which a sponsor or coach is paid a stipend will be required to pay a yearly activity fee. Students will be assessed one fee regardless of how many sports, activities or clubs they participate in during the school year. An application for financial assistance/waiver will be available for students, as needed.

The activity fee structure is $5 for elementary students [$10 family maximum]; $20 for middle school students [$40 family maximum] and $40 for high school students [$80 family maximum].

Based on participation data from previous years, district officials expect the activity fee structure to  generate approximately $200,000 in general revenue funds annually and help to prevent further reductions in the number of extracurricular activities, or the number of contests during an activity or sport season.

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