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Back-to-school sales tax holiday runs Aug. 4-6

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Back-to-school shopping is on, from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 4 through midnight on Sunday, Aug. 6.

Certain purchases, such as clothing, school supplies and computers, will be exempt from Missouri’s 4.225 percent sales tax. Local sales tax also is exempt in jurisdictions that have opted to participate.

Three St. Charles County cities have opted out. Purchases made in Flint Hill, New Melle and St. Peters will be subject to local sales tax amounts. Both St. Louis and St. Charles counties are joining in the holiday, so shoppers will not have to pay county tax on qualifying items purchased in these areas.

Here’s a handy reference to determine what qualifies for exemption:

• Clothing items, including footwear, that are worn on or about the body [having a taxable value of $100 or less]. Fabric used to make school uniforms and other school wearing apparel also is included. Excluded from this definition are watches, watchbands, jewelry, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands and belt buckles.

• School supplies used by students in a standard classroom for educational purposes [not to exceed $50 per purchase]. Covered items include textbooks, notebooks, paper, writing instruments, crayons, art supplies, rulers, book bags, backpacks, handheld calculators, chalk, maps and globes. Computer software having a taxable value of $350 or less also is covered. Items not included in this definition are watches, radios, CD players, headphones, sporting equipment, portable or desktop telephones, copiers or other office equipment, furniture and fixtures.

• Personal computers and computer peripheral devices [not to exceed $1,500]. The law defines personal computers broadly to include a laptop, desktop or tower computer system, which consists of a central processing unit, random access memory, storage drive, display monitor, and keyboard and devices designed for use in conjunction with a personal computer.

For specifics and more information, visit www.dor.mo.gov/business/sales/taxholiday/school.

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