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Holt lands four players on All-Gateway Athletic Central Conference baseball team

GAC Central All-Conference first team selections.

The 2017 season turned out to be a strong one for the Holt Indians as they won the Gateway Central Conference championship. The Indians, who went 21-7 in the spring also recently garnered some well-earned post-season all-conference honors.

Four Holt players were named to the all-GAC Central baseball team along with three players from Wentzville Liberty. Holt junior pitcher/first baseman Cody Hacker was named Player of The Year and Indians coach Joel Adam was named Coach of the Year.

Here is a look at the 2017 All-GAC Central team:

Pitchers: First Team-Cody Hacker, Wentzville Holt, junior; Jacob Thompson, Wentzville Holt, junior; Second Team-Jakob Gentry, Fort Zumwalt North, junior, Dalton Nilges, Wentzville Liberty, senior.

Catchers: First team-Cody Lampe, Fort Zumwalt East, junior; Second team-Jake Laffleur, Fort Zumwalt South, senior.

Designated hitter: First team-James Dotson, Wentzville Liberty, Senior; second team-Sam Weir, Fort Zumwalt South, junior.

Infielders: First team-Jordan Cole, Wentzville Liberty, senior; Nick Schmidt, Wentzville Holt, junior; Hayden Cooper, Wentzville Holt, junior; Andrew Fay, Wentzville Liberty, junior; Tyler Ferguson, Fort Zumwalt East, sophomore. Second team-Francisco Lopez, Fort Zumwalt South, sophomore, Brant McCain, Wentzville Liberty, senior; Maguire Landwehr, Washington, junior; Casey Mareschal, Fort Zumwalt North, junior; Nicholas Whiting, Fort Zumwalt East, senior.

Outfielders: First team-Travis Dames, Fort Zumwalt North, junior; Chase Krogman, Wentzville Liberty, sophomore; Joey Spotanski, Fort Zumwalt South, junior; Gage Dwyer, Fort Zumwalt South, junior. Second team-Drew Law, Wentzville Holt, junior; Tyler Frank, Wentzville Holt, senior; D. J. Schmidt, Fort Zumwalt North, junior; Daniel Panek, Fort Zumwalt East, junior.

Player of the Year: Cody Hacker, Wentzville Holt, junior.

Coach of the Year: Joel Adam, Wentzville Holt.


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