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Roberts returning to St. Dominic as athletic director

Kevin Roberts

Only two years after he left, Kevin Roberts is returning home to St. Dominic High School.

Roberts has been hired as the new athletic director at the school replacing longtime AD Jim Welby. Welby, the school’s athletic director the past five years, was recently named the school’s president and assumed those duties after outgoing school president Catherine Fetter retired on June 30.

A 2001 De Smet alum, Roberts, who also coached the Crusaders boys basketball team to a 15-12 mark during the 2014-15 season. He will also return to the bench as head coach of the basketball team.

“I had a strong connection to the community and I was at DeSmet for two years and I missed coaching and missed St. Dominic,” Roberts said. “I just really wanted to get back there at some point and it just worked out really well for me.”

Roberts also has a strong family connection to the school as well. “My wife (Casey) took a job there as a business teacher,” Roberts said.

Before his first stint at St. Dominic, Roberts coached boys basketball and volleyball at Cape Notre Dame. In addition, he was also the assistant athletic director there.

Coming in behind Welby is an absolutely perfect situation for Roberts, who praised Welby’s leadership of the department.

“Jim was obviously one of the best AD’s in the state of Missouri,” Roberts said. “He’s going to do some good thing for St. Dominic in the future and I’m just happy that I could step in and have him in the building to help me with some things and help me grow as a professional.”

Welby said that having Roberts come back and work in both coaching, and as athletic director was a wonderful development for the school.

“I mean it was a perfect fit that both opportunities came available and his skill-set obviously in both (jobs), and his history in basketball and recently as an AD, so it obviously was a great opportunity for us to get him back,” Welby said. “His family is very much a part of our entire community, and they will be a great support system for him as he advances our athletic program forward.”

Following high school graduation, Roberts earned a bachelors degree from Southeast Missouri State University, and a masters from William Woods University.





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