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Defining fascism

To the Editor: 

Dennis Prager’s editorials [June 7 and 14] state his belief that we are fighting a second civil war. “We are fighting fascism,” he wrote. He seems to equate liberalism with fascism, therefore “… the primary role of a conservative [should] be to vanquish liberalism.”

I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Prager needs to research the definition of fascism. Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism. It is traditionally opposed to liberalism and is placed on the far right of the political spectrum. It believes that a liberal democracy is obsolete. A fascist state must be led by a strong leader, a masculine and charismatic person. For the fascist leader, violence, especially internal political violence, is a legitimate means to achieve national rejuvenation. Fascism is a populist ultranationalist perspective.

Now tell me, Mr. Prager, which of our two political parties do you think has fascist tendencies?

Walter Clark

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