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Respecting the president

To the Editor: 

I do find it interesting that letters are written about respecting the president. While I agree with the comments most are making, I would give them more support if these same people had written about President Obama. I saw few if any letters concerning respect for the president when people were joyously calling him a Kenyan Muslim and worse, and including his wife and children in demeaning comments.

Yes, at some point in time we need to curtail the bitterness and sarcasm in our political and civil discourse. While I did not vote for Trump, I can still respect the position he holds, and I think we all need to respect the presidency no matter who is in office. But I just don’t know how that’s going to happen in today’s opinionated environment.

Pundits blare from the television 24 hours a day and people seem to only watch the channels or read the papers and magazines that support their views while getting little to no information from any contradicting source.

Money from outside interests tries to influence voters with half-truths and distortions. Special interests have a hold on everything, and sadly I’m not seeing the swamp drained.

But each journey begins with a single step. I hope we all can fight the head winds and bring civil discourse back to our communities, states and country.

Tim Hopkins

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