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Dangerous philosophies

To the Editor:

During Hillary Clinton’s time in the limelight, she put forth two philosophical premises that were ruinous to our country. The first and basic one was that there was a vast Right Wing conspiracy, when in reality, the conspiracy emanated from the Left and was called Liberalism.

The second statement was deadly and permeated our culture like an insidious disease. “It takes a village to raise a family.” This had the effect of exonerating parents from their traditional and time-tested roles of responsibilities to their children and our society at large.

This philosophy gave parents cover to vacate their responsibilities because after all, “It was now the Village’s responsibility as to how their children turned out.” We are now witness to violence and death nightly on our streets and in our cities, which is the legacy of accepting unexamined and unquestioned liberal philosophies.

William E. Quinn

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