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Celebrating a dream in Dardenne Prairie

Immaculate Conception Church of Dardenne Prairie held a “debt-free” celebration on Friday, June 23, marking the parish’s collective effort to pay off a $24 million debt associated with new buildings and upgrades, which mostly occurred in the first decade of the new century.

According to a homily posted to the parish website by Msgr. Ted L. Wojcicki, the church’s congregation has grown from 1,000 families in 1990 to 2,000 families in 2000, to 4,000 in 2010, necessitating capital improvements that included chapel upgrades, a new church, new school, school addition and more.

“The parish threw a big celebration with fireworks that night,” said parishioner Kristina Dressel.

The celebration also included a mortgage-burning ceremony, with firetruck support and supervision provided by the Wentzville Fire Protection District.

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