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Perfect attendance, from kindergarten to senior year

Laraya Griffith [Francis Howell School District photo]

From her first day of school as a kindergartner at Becky-David Elementary, to Barnwell Middle, to her last day as a senior at Francis Howell North, Laraya Griffith did not miss a day of school. For 13 years, she had perfect attendance.

“In the beginning, it was hard to go every day,” said Laraya. “As time passed, I wanted to be there so I wouldn’t miss assignments and be behind in class. I got to attend important events at school, and I didn’t get behind in homework and note-taking.”

Her mother, Cassandra Griffith, said that by second or third grade, “it became Laraya’s mission to not miss school, and I didn’t have to bring up the idea. She wanted to go every day; she didn’t want to miss at all.”

Cassandra said two of her five children had perfect attendance. Her son Brenton, a 2013 graduate, accomplished the same feat. “I encouraged them that they would miss out on lessons and learning, things that – if they were there – they would be taught instead of having to figure it out on their own,” said Cassandra.


Laraya made some sacrifices to ensure being at school, such as not going on trips that required missing days and passing on “senior skip days.” Her example shows that with encouragement, perseverance and motivation, you can accomplish goals – even perfect attendance.

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