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Lake Saint Louis may decide on Garden Center permit in July

The Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen may take action on July 17 on a special use permit that will decide whether changes at the Lake Saint Louis Garden Center, opposed by some nearby residents, will become a reality.

The board opted to delay votes in May and June due to the absences of aldermen and Richard Kopp, president of Kirkwood Material Supply and owner of the garden center. In January and March, the board also delayed votes.

Meanwhile, residents of the Waterford Villas subdivision, which is adjacent to the center, have continued to oppose the permit. The permit would allow 16 storage bins for road salt and other materials that would be piled as least 12 feet high.

Residents said the upgrades would change the nature of the garden center and worried about large piles of material, truck traffic and noise that would disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood. They also worried that the changes may impact their property values.

Lake Saint Louis Mayor Kathy Schweikert said that Kopp may be at the board meeting on July 17.

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