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Francis Howell students raise awareness of mental health

CenterPointe Hospital staff present Francis Howell High students with a letter of appreciation for their $500 fundraising check. From left: Karen Kasten, clinical director; Sarah Thornton, clinical supervisor; Kali Frederick, adolescent therapist; Tina Marie Everett, adolescent therapist; Debby Monson, director of nursing; Susan Mathis, chief executive officer; FHH students Shelby Odle, Alyssa Juris, Holly Anderson and Kyle Grantham.

To bring awareness to mental health, students at Francis Howell High organized a “Stop Stigma” campaign to talk about what is often considered a sensitive topic. They also raised nearly $500 for CenterPointe Hospital.

Throughout the campaign, students held bake sales and penny drives, and they looked for opportunities to remove barriers to discussing mental health issues and how to get help.

Students presented a $500 check to CenterPointe Hospital for its adolescent program. Larry Anders, Francis Howell High’s marketing coordinator, helped guide the effort. Susan Mathis, chief executive officer of CenterPointe Hospital, as well as managers and therapists, acknowledged the students with a letter of appreciation.

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