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Regarding the proposed Children’s Museum

To the Editor:

I’m sure we, the taxpayers, will be told this is the Great Comprehensive Master Plan that the city of Lake Saint Louis overwhelmingly voted on. The only problem with the city’s master plan is that the residents weren’t given a fair chance to vote on the plan and a very large portion of the plan was voted on by non-residents.

The city has adopted a plan to use only the half-cent sale tax increase voted on four years ago to address our infrastructure and keep our parks repaired. I wonder what money the city used to fix our streets before the half-cent sales tax came about.

My point is this: the streets and curbs are crumbling and other infrastructure have been in dire need of repair for years, yet the city wants to put our hard-earned taxpayer dollars into a nonprofit organization [the proposed United Services Children’s Museum] that counts on donations to get by. This reminds me of the $6 million parking garage Lake Saint Louis built at The Meadows, yet no one parks there.

Also, the city decided The Meadows shouldn’t pay taxes and then, after a few years, The Meadows was sold!

We, the residents of Lake Saint Louis, are being raked over the coals again. This museum belongs in the city of St. Louis and should it come here, I guess the city will want you, the taxpayer, to pay for extending MetroLink out this way.

This is a crooked sham and that business about “think about the kids” went out the window along time ago. No thanks.

Rick Morris

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