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Addressing the national debt

To the Editor:

It is astonishing to me the reaction and criticism President Donald Trump has received for getting America out of the Paris Accord.

This non-binding agreement committed American taxpayers to billions of dollars in future payments to combat so-called global warming. Consider these figures: America’s national debt is $20 trillion and headed up. Annual interest on the national debt is $285 billion. America’s Gross Domestic Product is $18 trillion. Foreign aid is $49 billion. Annual payments to the United Nations are $3.3 billion.

Our national debt is the 800-pound gorilla that needs to be tamed ASAP. Additionally, we are bogged down in undeclared wars, one of which, Afghanistan, we have been involved in for over 15 years! We need to get out of Afghanistan immediately, if not sooner.

I hope and pray the president fulfills his campaign promise of “Make America Great Again” by getting our fiscal house in order. It boggles the mind that with our national debt, we continue to give foreign aid! However, to do this, the president will need the help and cooperation of the House and Senate. Good luck with that, as the Democrats will do nothing to help him and this nation.

Larry Schwartz

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