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Regarding Trump’s popularity

To the Editor:

The bonds of association are no more apparent than those of political party loyalty.  Members rationalize, defend and even laud the most aberrant of those with matching allegiance. And so it is with Dennis Prager, who writes in a current column chastising conservatives who refuse to warm to our new president.

Prager praises the White House occupant with assorted examples of his conservatism. His assertions that Donald Trump has deep attachments to any belief aside from those of self-adulation seem almost ludicrous! For someone who has insulted many people, including international allies; uses a gossip medium to communicate mostly in irrational outbursts; and ignores wiser counsel on vital issues, Trump offers little appeal to rational minds. His frivolous behavior would more likely repel than attract.

Trump’s popularity is buoyed by the shallow rhetoric of political talk show hosts who advocate partisan causes and denounce any thought or notion that diminishes their ratings. Such hollow endorsements do little to validate his qualifications to lead; domestically, internationally or even toadying admirers inside the White House! Prager’s rallying cry on Trump’s behalf doesn’t alter that.

Gene Culver

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