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From bland to buoyant: Décor trends with staying power

Halfway through the year, how do you know which design trends are here to stay and which are just the flavor of the week? Home décor can be difficult to get right.

We’ve scoured the web to identify the tired, the trendy and the timeless. Let’s welcome in a new crop of lasting design trends and wave goodbye to ones that feel stale and overused.

Usher out: Stark, all-neutral décor 

Before gray, it was white. Before white, it was beige. We’ve seen an endless stream of all-neutral interior décor for over a decade. Contemporary design can read as clinical when there are no colors to brighten the space. Sure, pale neutrals can provide a clean backdrop for other colors, but the reign of “all gray, all the time” is over. Get ready to warm things up!

Welcome in: Bold colors

Bright, strong colors are poised to spruce up the whole house. Basic principle: If you love it, flaunt it.

These wild hues infuse energy in every piece they grace, from jewel-toned accessories to adventurous wall colors. Invest in statement pieces in this joyful palette.

Sherwin-Williams’ 2017 Color Forecast described this movement as “intrepid.”

“There’s a feisty energy to our present moment,” they announced, “arriving in fiery tones and vibrant, kimono colors.”

Even black, the Old Faithful of the design world, is evolving into something more colorful.

“Navy is the new black,” proclaims interior design website Apartment Therapy. “Think of it as your new favorite neutral: all of the rich intensity of decorating with black, minus the stark harshness that can sometimes come with too many dark tones.”

Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year is “Greenery,” a zesty spring green that brings to mind new leaves or ripe avocados. Pantone calls it “nature’s neutral” – we call it energetic, natural and fresh.

“Greenery” is marvelously flexible. For a warm, Southwestern feel, pair it with earth tones like salmon, coral and brown. For a cool, Pacific Northwest vibe, throw it in the mix with navy, charcoal and plum.

Embrace vivid colors and patterns. [Shutterstock photo]

Usher out: Single patterns

Chevron, the ubiquitous zigzag pattern that has dominated interior design for a few years now, finally has worn out its welcome. If done poorly, or when highlighted as the only pattern in a space, chevrons look one-dimensional or even cheap. The interior design pendulum is swinging back towards natural textures and patterns. Expect to see vibrant florals and animal prints.

Welcome in: Maximalism

This season, layer up. The new motto in interior design is, “More is more.”

Be fearless in placing multiple textiles in the same spot. The interplay of vibrant patterns hums with energy. Tartan curtains and chinoiserie wallpaper? Toss those bad boys together and don’t think twice.

Country Living declares, “Maximalists courageously douse their homes in color and patterns, preferring warm, inviting nooks over the stark spaces that you’ve probably already seen all over Pinterest.”

Gallery walls were just the beginning. Embrace the “all-in” aesthetic by clustering like items together for maximum visual impact. If your home is filled with collections, now is the time to display them unabashedly.

Busy, moody wall treatments are everywhere, especially in smaller spaces like bathrooms where mirrors amplify them.

Bold wallpaper wakes up a room. [Shutterstock photo]

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