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A true fan of Dennis Prager

To the Editor:

After the editorial column retirement of Thomas Sowell late last year, I was curious as to who you were going to publish in his place.

Thankfully, you all have risen to the occasion with the publication of many of my favorite columnists in syndication. It’s been great to see Dennis Prager’s smiling face on page three; he’s been my favorite radio talk-show host and columnist for more than 15 years.

Up until recently, my only access to Dennis had been through internet podcasts via his flagship Los Angeles radio station and his syndicated columns via a couple of websites. I’m thankful that he can now be heard – and read – in the St. Louis area. Few people in this country can articulate the issues with such moral clarity and intellect than Mr. Prager. Thank you, again, for sharing his views with the local populace.

John Cannon

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