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Lake Saint Louis aldermen decide to retain limits on fenced yards

Lake Saint Louis is not planning to loosen its restrictions concerning the use of fences around yards in the city.

At an April 17 work session, the city’s Board of Aldermen discussed amending city code in a way that would have allowed fencing in many parts of the city where it has been prohibited. However, the board ultimately decided to stick with its requirements that limit fencing except in subdivisions that have reached pre-annexation agreements.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said the city always has prohibited fencing on single-family lots within the older part of the city, including in the Lake Saint Louis Community Association’s original boundary area. The association manages recreational amenities and has other restrictions in place in this area.

The issue surfaced earlier this month with the approval of a voluntary annexation of a 13-acre tract near Duello Road, owned by Waterside Crossing LLC. The agreement allows 46 single-family homes on the site and homeowners to fence individual lots. The fencing would be similar to the fencing approved for the nearby Wyndstone subdivision being developed by McBride & Son Homes.

Markworth said allowing fencing was approved by the city in pre-annexation agreements for both subdivisions and only one type of fencing is allowed. Fencing has been allowed in five or six subdivisions that have come inside city boundaries from the unincorporated area, he said.

Markworth did not rule out the possibility of fencing being allowed for other city residents coming into the city. That would depend on the pre-annexation agreements negotiated between the city and future developers and the city making an exception to its rules, he said.

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