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Auditions open for O’FallonTheatreWorks summer musicals

By Shwetha Sundarrajan

For those interested in theater productions or who enjoy watching stage dramas and musicals, O’FallonTheatreWorks is the right place for you – and auditions are coming soon.

“The purpose of TheatreWorks is to expand our artistic community and give opportunity to those who can’t become a professional actor or actress to show their abilities and preform in front of their peers. Anytime there is a cultural arts program of any kind, it makes the community more diverse and bright,” Director of Communications Tom Drabelle said.

A community cultural arts program committed to providing entertainment since 2001, O’FallonTheatreWorks has opened auditions for two new summer musicals: “Shrek the Musical Jr.” and “Once Upon a Storytime,” which are stories with a unique twist.

“Shrek the Musical, Jr.” is the quintessential story of Shrek the Ogre with a dash of adventure. Shrek, an unlikely hero, finds himself on a journey with a coterie of unlikely friends. Paired with a wisecracking donkey and a princess who refuses to be rescued, along with a multitude of fairy tale misfits, this musical is filled with fast-paced adventure and witty comedy.

Auditions start at 10 a.m. on April 1 and 2 for students grades 6-12. Sign up before audition time slots are filled. Those auditioning should pick up a packet containing materials for a monologue, music, dance, a headshot and a list of conflicts at the Renaud Spirit Center. Show dates are set for June 15, 16 and 17.

“Once Upon a Storytime” is a unique take on classic bedtime stories. Mandy, Tommy and Abby will not sleep without a story. Desperate to get them to sleep, Dad tries to lull the trio to sleep with his crazy bedtime tales which are unlike Mom’s. Was Cinderella really crazy? Was Prince Charming really immature? Why was the Big Bad Wolf really chasing the three pigs? Snuggle up with these absurd sounding fairy tales, but remember: there are consequences for those who stay up late.

Auditions start at 9 a.m. on April 8 for students in grades 2-6. Those auditioning should bring a headshot and 16 measures of prepared music from any Disney or Broadway production. Parents should be present to sign paperwork. Show dates are set for June 9 and 10

Auditions will take place at O’Fallon Municipal Centre, 100 North Main Street.

To sign up for audition times, visit the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation website at: www.ofallon.mo.us/parks&rec/otw. Or, call Cultural Arts Coordinator Darren Granaas at (636) 474-8150.

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