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Lake Saint Louis planning and zoning to review controversial special use permit

The Lake Saint Louis Planning and Zoning Commission is being asked to clarify its recommendation regarding a special use permit that would allow expansion of outdoor storage at the Lake Saint Louis Garden Center located at 3230 Technology Drive. Two months ago, the permit proposal drew the ire of nearby Waterford Villas subdivision residents.

The city’s Board of Aldermen agreed at its March 6 meeting to refer the special use permit request back to the commission after discussion on a resolution granting the permit and site plan improvements to Kirkwood Material Supply Inc. The permit that came before the board of aldermen on Jan. 17 drew comments from at least a dozen subdivision residents.

Some of those residents returned for the March 6 meeting, when the board opted not to decide on the resolution. The commission is expected to look at issues that may become part of the findings of fact and conclusions of law that may support whatever decision the board eventually takes on the resolution.

Lake Saint Louis, St. Peters and Dardenne Prairie are cities in St. Charles County that require the adoption of a finding of fact and conclusion of law bill that provide a rationale for decisions in special use permits.

The permit and improvements would add 16 storage bins for road salt and other materials that would be at least 12 foot high. Residents, however, questioned whether the permit would change the nature of the garden center and impact of the changes on their property values.

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