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Kitchen fire closes Lewis & Clark’s in St. Charles

A kitchen fire closed Lewis and Clark’s, a popular, three-story restaurant on Main Street in downtown St. Charles overnight on March 8. No one was in the building when the fire started and no one was hurt.

Battalion Chief Dan Casey with the St. Charles Fire Department said a fire alarm call came in around 12:30 a.m.

Once firefighters arrived, Casey said they saw smoke coming from the roof, the rear of the building and could see smoke through the windows, so a second alarm went out.

Casey said the fire started at or near a stove in the kitchen but there was also a sprinkler head and another fire suppression device nearby, which helped slow the flames’ spread. He said the kitchen suffered fire damage while the rest of the eatery suffered smoke and water damage.

Due to the amount of dry timber inside plus the age and size of the structure, Casey said they could have lost the entire building or even the whole block if Lewis and Clark’s had no fire suppression equipment or if it malfunctioned.

Casey said the owner, Dan Badock, plans to rebuild.

Other area first responders that assisted St. Charles were Central County Fire & Rescue and the Pattonville Fire Protection District.

Check out KMOV-TV Channel 4’s story and watch the video below: KMOV.com

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