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The Babylon: Winged Victory and Beyond

The Babylon’s wings are something to crow about; meaty and available either with or without the bone in five different styles.

Cold drinks and hot food deals. That’s what customers can expect at The Babylon.

Open seven days a week, Babylon’s new owners Eric Stephens and Crystal Duncan have skillfully crafted the ultimate hangout where one can kick back and relax without it costing a chunk of change. All the while indulging in a menu that Stephens proudly proclaims as quality, cheap eats.

We’re not a gourmet place, but we are a place with quality bar food that’s cheap. Just check out our wings. Just 50 cents all day, every day.” said Stephens. “Our wings have become our specialty. Not too many people can beat our wings.”

Babylon’s wings are not the usual undersized bar wings; these wings are something to crow about – meaty and available either with or without the bone in five different styles. Those styles are separated into divisions that include Buffalo, BBQ Flavors, Mustard, Dry-Rub and the catch-all “Other Flavors.”

Among those divisions are 18 wing flavor choices, creating a wing-lovers’ paradise. For example, the culinary pyromaniac who cannot get enough heat, should try Babylon’s “Smack Your Mama” wings, the hottest number in the Buffalo division or the Honey Habanero BBQ, which delivers a sweet heat. If you have a taste for adventure, consider the Mango Jerk, the dry-rubbed Chipotle Cinnamon or the Garlic Smack, a combo heat and spice mix that blends Smack Your Mama and creamy garlic sauces.

At 50 cents apiece, you can afford to order a variety to satisfy your curiosity.

Turn over the wing menu for the daily specials. Featured are Cowboy Wednesdays with half-off appetizers, and half-off Sundays between 5-10 p.m. – an answered prayer for tight budgets.

Friday night is our $9.99 steak night. You can’t beat it – an eight-ounce charbroiled sirloin with two sides and a salad. Tuesday night is $2 taco night. They’re what we call a Double-Decker Queso Taco,” said Stephens, describing how a soft shell taco is stuffed and folded “double-decker-style” into a hard shell tortilla.

The Babylon’s new owners Eric Stephens [left] and Crystal Duncan have skillfully crafted the ultimate hangout.

And there’s more. On the regular menu are custom-grilled burgers – the foundation of any bar menu, which Babylon offers in eight different varieties. Burger standouts appealing to the gourmand include the Patty-Melt, the Cajun Guacamole and the Flamethrower Frisco, a hefty burger topped with cheddar, pepper jack, bacon, jalapenos, 1,000 Island and the Smack your Mamma sauce. Burger purists can order a classic burger au natural and dress it out as they like, then choose add-ons such as bacon, cheese or chili for just six bits [75 cents] each.

Babylon’s 2,200-square-foot interior provides plenty of entertainment options to enjoy with food and drinks. Here, customers can catch the game on one of the flat screen TVs positioned around the room or shoot a little pool with their BFFs. On Saturday nights, there is live music on stage and on select nights throughout the week, guests can check out what the DJ is spinning.

The experience here is very important; that’s why we have entertainment,” said Stephens. “And we make that experience affordable and always have something going on. That’s why we say, ‘We’re the hangout place for good times, good drinks and good food.’”

The Babylon
4744 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63376
(636) 477-7468

Hours: Monday – Thursday 11-1 a.m.
Friday and Saturday 11-1:15 a.m.
Sunday 11 a.m.-midnight
Late night menu available from 10 p.m.–1 a.m.

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