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St. Peters could soon award residents, business owners for kindness

St. Peters residents may be asked to select people to recognize not for their civic mindedness, their involvement in city government or their success in a specific civic endeavor but for kindness.

Alderman Judy Bateman [Ward 2] floated an idea to other members of the city’s Board of Aldermen at a Feb. 23 work session for a recognition program or award for city residents and business owners. Aldermen agreed in principle but want to see details.

Bateman told aldermen there are individuals in the community who are doing things, sometimes for years, without recognition. Her idea is to keep politics and government out of the selection, perhaps not as open to people who are government employees or whose profession involves working with residents. She said the recognition involves acts of kindness.

“It’s our residents recognizing other residents that they are under the radar, so to speak,” Bateman said.

Aldermen said they liked the idea of recognizing people who doing things above and beyond for other people. Alderman Jerry Hollingsworth [Ward 2], however, said that Bateman needed to sit down with city officials to figure out the details about how the program would be structured, how people would be selected and how they would be recognized.

Bateman agreed, saying honorees could be recognized with a certificate of appreciation at a board meeting and plaques or photos of honorees might be hung in a special place at city hall.

The board gave a voice approval to the idea but no bill is expected to be drafted to put any recognition program. Bateman is expected to meet with city staffers to begin developing details. No timetable for when the program would start needs to be discussed, she said.

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