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O’Fallon City Council approves road extension, I-64 study

city of o'fallonAt its Jan. 26 meeting, the O’Fallon City Council approved acquiring certain properties to extend Lake Saint Louis Boulevard south from its current intersection with Hwy. N.

Engineering plans are being finalized for the extension, which includes intersection improvements at Hwy. N and construction of a new roadway from a portion built as part of Shady Creek Subdivision to Paul Renaud Boulevard and beyond.

The project includes a new traffic signal, turn lanes, a sidewalk, multi-use path and a roundabout at the intersection with Paul Renaud Boulevard. Although Lombardo Homes is participating in this project as the cooperative landowner of Shady Creek subdivision [phase 1], this project also requires the acquisition of new rights-of-way and easements from a few property owners within the limits of the project.

The council previously approved the County Road Board funding agreement for this project as well as a cooperative development agreement with Lombardo Homes, which included the engineering design performed by Sterling Engineering.
Money was earmarked last year for rights-of-way and easement acquisition. Those funds were not used due to the delay with the property owners signing the development agreement, so they will need to be rolled over to 2017 as part of a mid-year budget amendment.

At the same meeting, the council passed an agreement to use 2017 St. Charles County transportation sales tax [TST] funds for an Interstate 64/South Outer Road Study.

Technology Drive between Route 364 and Hwy. DD <g:plusone size='tall'></g:plusone>
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Technology Drive between Route 364 and Hwy. DD [Google map image]

The study will determine the feasibility and effectiveness of extending the South Service Road along I-64 to Hwy. DD and converting Technology Drive to a one-way westbound outer road between Route 364 and Hwy. DD.

For O’Fallon, the south outer road extension would create better access and development opportunities to the undeveloped properties along I-64 in the vicinity of Hwy. DD, officials have said.

The study’s estimated cost is $250,000, with the St. Charles County Road Board providing $200,000 to help fund the project.

This project was not included in the 2017 budget due to the still pending approval by St. Charles County; therefore, a mid-year budget amendment will be needed to provide design funding for this project. Since all of the funding sources are reimbursements, the city will fund the project and seek reimbursement as the projects progress.

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