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St. Peters Golf Course repair bill grows

St. Peters Golf Course Flood Repair

St. Peters Golf Course Flood Repair

It just got more expensive for repairing the Dardenne Creek embankment along portions of the St. Peters Golf Course that were damaged by catastrophic flooding in December of 2015.

The city’s Board of Aldermen approved a bill at its Jan. 26 meeting to pay $235,000 for more bank stabilization along the creek near holes 15 and 16. This comes after the board approved to spend $773,978 on Dec. 15 to stabilize eroded and flood damaged banks at holes 5 and 8.

The city will amend its contract with Gershenson Construction Co. of Eureka to add up to $200,000 for the new work. Gershenson was awarded the contract for the initial work in December. The city is also authorizing $35,000 for design and oversight of the work with River Research and Design, Inc.

In a memorandum to the board, Burt Benesek, the city’s manager of transportation and development services, said they found more bank work was needed at holes 15 and 16 to ensure that the work along hole 5 holds up. Even though the area around both holes suffered erosion, the city was able to make repairs to reopen the course.

Floodwaters from Dardenne Creek in December 2015 damaged and eroded embankments near two holes. Funding to pay for the work will come from the city’s local parks and stormwater budget.

The work involves using large rocks and planting vegetation along embankments near the two holes. The work is designed to “armor” the creek banks to prevent future erosion, Benesek said.

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