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Lake Saint Louis places nine annexations on April 4 ballot

Lake Saint Louis voters will decide whether the city can add more land with nine annexations set to appear on the April 4 ballot.

The city’s Board of Aldermen, on Jan. 17, approved placing the annexations on the ballot. Those annexations are for mostly small tracts along Orf Road in the southwestern part of the city.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said the city plans to make expensive improvements the present two-lane Orf Road, which may be an area of future development.

The exceptions among the small properties are a 109-acre parcel that may be zoned as a business or a commercial park and a less-than-an-acre portion along Hwy. N as commercial. The other tracts would come in as residential.

Property owners can voluntarily annex property to a city if boundaries touch. Missouri statutes also allow a city to seek an involuntary annexation that requires a declaratory judgment from a circuit judge and place properties proposed for annexation on the ballot. A majority vote of city residents and a majority vote of registered voters who are residents of the parcels to be annexed are required for the annexations to be approved.

Markworth said two parcels along Lake Saint Louis Boulevard – 5.75-acre parcel A and 4.67-acre parcel B – owned by Chapel of the Lake would be combined with two other parcels already inside city limits to build a new subdivision. Markworth said the city is working with the developer to develop a preannexation agreement that may be finalized before the vote.

The remaining parcels – 6.76-acre parcel C, 3.1-acre parcel D, 3.13-acre parcel E, 109-acre parcel F and 4.81 parcel H – are all along Orf Road. Markworth said improvements may be eight or more years away along Orf Road. The annexation of the 109-acre tract also may provide access to 40 acres of city park property.

Bringing the properties into the city is “the appropriate thing do” for people who live there to have input into improvements and plans for Orf Road, Markworth said. Parcel I, at 0.910 acres and located on Hwy. N, is appropriate for a retail store. Parcel J is 1.67 acres also along Hwy. N.

The city has an annexation agreement with the city of Wentzville that limits annexations of both cities at Duello Road. Lake Saint Louis already has annexed Hwy. N’s right-of-way in the area.

Other changes involving city boundaries in this part of the county could be coming. Dardenne Prairie seeks to annex five parcels of unincorporated land as a first step toward annexing as many as 20 small, unincorporated parcels.

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