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New fitness studio improves health and golf game

Kinisi PhotoPersonalizing and diversifying a workout routine is easier than ever, thanks to Kinisi Fitness and Golf Performance, a new fitness studio in Chesterfield. Kinisi Fitness was created by owner Ryan Young as a home for healthy living through fitness training and, as an added bonus, enhanced golf performance.

Everyone benefits at Kinisi Fitness – teens and adults of all ages and experience levels – for Ryan is dedicated to offering professional, affordable fitness and golf instruction so clients will grow functionally stronger and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ryan’s passion is teaching proper movement through mobility and stability exercises, thereby improving overall physical well-being, and he is a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He offers one on one personal training and weight loss challenge group classes, helping clients achieve their goals of weight loss, improved strength, and more.

Ryan also has a love of golf and his studio is designed to accommodate the needs of golfers, from novice to professional, providing one on one golf fitness training and assessments. He holds a level II certification from Titleist Performance Institute and he strongly believes fitness is a critical component for improved golf performance.

“I utilize technology in my golf performance training, such as the K-Vest, which provides immediate audible feedback about the client’s swing, form and more,” said Ryan. “Clients wear the vest and they are able to make immediate adjustments so the proper movement patterns are stored as memories. Repetition of the proper movements reinforce the memories and the end result is improved performance.”

Ryan offers personalized attention and customized workout programs designed to achieve results. To learn more about Kinisi Fitness and Golf Performance visit the website or call Ryan today.


17676 Chesterfield Airport Road • Chesterfield

(636) 778-3588 • www.kinisifgp.com

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