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Software solution designed for small business

Jeff Minnis

Jeff Minnis

In today’s economy small business owners need every competitive edge. Saving money on routine tasks associated with doing business can provide the advantage that is needed to spur growth or land that perfect deal. Enter PlazSales, the new software solution designed for small businesses and created by the Manchester software development company PlazSoft.

Developed as an easier to use, more feature rich and better-priced alternative to the leading small business accounting software, PlazSales combines checkout, point of sale, accounting, customer and ticket management to maximize productivity, sales, profitability and customer relationships.

PlazSales provides functionality and ease of use that is not available elsewhere. It integrates point of sale and accounting functions seamlessly into one program that doesn’t require daily syncing between the two. It allows businesses to document activities and opportunities surrounding transactions or tickets, including customer rewards programs, to nurture customer relationships. The interactive digital system tracks sales, reward programs and inventory, streamlines workflow and payroll, eliminates wasted paper and ink and could save businesses hundreds of dollars a month in processing fees.

“Using our competitor’s small business accounting software for years in my store, Jeff Computers, motivated me back in 2008 to begin developing an alternative solution to save businesses time and money and also provide functionality that I thought was missing,” explained Jeff Minnis, developer and owner of PlazSoft. “I also wanted to help businesses go green. After eight years, I’m excited to bring a robust solution to market.”

Small business owners can also save money with the managed IT services provided by Minnis at his store, Jeff Computers. Choose from several plans for data protection, remote backup, computer optimization and more.


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