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Making broken treasures new again

Anne Womack, owner

Anne Womack, owner

Finding someone to repair a nostalgic piece of jewelry can be a challenge in this age of disposable consumer goods.  Anne Womack, owner of The Jewelry Fixx, understands that even the least expensive piece of jewelry can have intrinsic value, making it worthy of repair.

“I love all kinds of jewelry and I repair, redesign and adapt all types of jewelry, but I really enjoy fixing those pieces that may not have great monetary value but that have significant sentimental value for my customers,” said Womack. “There aren’t too many repair services for costume jewelry and my services are affordable, so these favorite pieces can be fixed and my customers can preserve their memories without spending a great deal of money.”

Womack’s services include making simple clasp repairs, restringing beads, replacing broken elements, lengthening or shortening strands, making matching jewelry, recreating jewelry with different colors or metals and making entirely new jewelry pieces. She is always upfront about whether she can repair a piece and, if so, she keeps her costs reasonable.

“I get creative and really have fun with each piece. I have worked on rosaries, I replace rhinestones, I have the tools to handle gold, silver and pearls, as well as stretch jewelry and vintage pieces,” Womack explained. “I do my best to fix everything.”

Womack has been in business for more than four years and has created a loyal following of satisfied customers throughout the St. Charles area. She has the tools, supplies and expertise to fix or create most any piece of jewelry.

For more information, call or stop by The Jewelry Fixx and see first-hand how Womack can make that broken treasure into something new again.


5335 Highway N. • Cottleville

(636) 248-1368


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